About us

In Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean, in the splendid setting of the historic port of the city of Messina, in the 55,000 square meters of the Military Arsenal is being born the refit yard Zancle 757 Yacht Village. Born from the synergy with the Industry and Defense Agency (A.I.D.) and founded by Rocco Finocchiaro, this ambitious project is proposed as a new and unique reality in the world of large yacht refit. A place is able to offer high-level technical infrastructures and prestigious services dedicated to crews. The name Zancle 757 originates from the millenary history of the city of Messina: in fact, this is the name given to the city in 757 BC. by the Greeks, for the sickle shape of its harbour, one of the safest natural harbours in the world. Almost 3000 years of history, a strong seafaring tradition and a great vocation for shipbuilding make Messina the ideal place to host a reality like Zancle 757 Yacht Village, which today represents the magical union of these components, to which it adds constant research of specific and increasingly rare professionalism, such as the old shipwrights for the restoration of vintage boats or the ancient turners.


Our goal is to offer a “turnkey” service, respect budget and delivery time, with constant attention to the quality and comfort of the crews during the shipyard period.

Keywords are professionalism, high-quality standards and meticulous attention to detail.

The passion for the sea, combined with the strong shipbuilding tradition and skills present in the area and its related industries (the first hydrofoil in the world was built and launched in Messina) guarantees the personalization of each project with care and professionalism.


Yacht Refit Shipyard

Why choose Zancle 757 refit shipyard?

  • A perfect geographical position;
  • Great technical skills and professionalism;
  • Graving drydock L=150 m, B=24,80 m;
  • Floating drydock L=73 m, B=20 m, 900 tons;
  • 450 m technical berthing inside the shipyard ( 24 / 7 military security );
  • 450 m alongside dock ISPS compliant, available in Messina harbour, in the heart of the city, perfect for long or short term mooring;
  • 55.000 m² shipyard area;
  • 25.000 m² workshop, warehouse;
  • Duty-Free Bunkering for yachts in commercial use and pleasure (according to the international law);
  • Conciergerie;
  • Crew Accommodation;
  • Two airports nearby;
  • Helipad inside the military compound;
  • Tennis court, basketball court, soccer field, jogging area;
  • Bank, post office;
  • Crew storage.

Zancle 757 Yacht Village is located in a perfect geographical and strategic position: we are at the centre of the Mediterranean, in the Strait of Messina, in the north-eastern corner of Sicily. This area is served by two airports. One is located in the city of Reggio Calabria, only 2 miles from the shipyard. Owners can reach the Zancle’s shipyards lending with any size of private jet, and then they will be in the shipyard just in twenty five minutes with the public transport (hydrofoils, boats) or just in fifteen minutes with a private tender: they will not even have to leave the airport area as this is so close to the sea to have its own dedicated dock. The second is the Catania Airport, served with national and international flights, just at forty-five minutes by car or bus from the shipyard. Don’t forget: Zancle 757 Yacht Village has its private helipad, which can accommodate any size of helicopter, safely in any conditions, just a few steps from the yachts.

“When having does not help you to be,
but when being pushes you until to obtain.”