In-house and official services:

Our in House Engineering department team is able to satisfy all needs board request in partnership with official dealers  (Caterpillar & Mtu)  on all size engines and generators.

In Zancle particular attention is dedicated to the environment and the new generation of electric and diesel/electric engines, we perform repairs and overhauling, through bench tests, where thanks to our qualified staff we are able to do every single task with competence and professionalism.


  • Maintenance and testing of electronic control and control systems for generating sets;
  • Maintenance, calibration and verification of instrumentation, thermocouples, thermoresistors, tachymetric dynamos and tachymeter alternators up to 3000rpm (electronics connected to propulsion control systems and naval unit control);
  • Maintenance of single-phase and three-phase electric motors with a maximum power output of 250 kVA;
  • Maintenance of electric generators of c.c. and c.a. with a maximum power of 600 kVA;
  • Revision of power and service switchboards;
  • Overhauling of on-board electrical power, service and auxiliary equipment;
  • Overhaul of on-board lighting and signalling systems;
  • Winch services and overhaul.